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Play online with players around the world as you try to become the biggest cell of them all!
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March 16, 2022
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Description Mod APK Download 2022 (Unlimited Money + Mass + DNA Hack Free)

It’s a great game and it’s wonderfully addicting. It deserves 5 stars, but it isn’t getting them right noe because the game is glitching extensively. I’m playing normally, and all of a sudden, my cell stops moving and my screen too. Nothing works, except restarting the game. If this continues for longer, I’ll be uninstalling the game.

The game is the best if it comes without ads. One more thing is that this game doesnt allow to change emails without the progress being transferred to the new account which has troubled many people online. Regards.

You need to improve your servers. There is alot of lag. Making your own skin should be free for the first time. There should be seperate servers for solo and team players. The teamers should be banned if they team in solo servers. It should be a little easier to level up. Right after you spawn, there should be a time limit of 5 sec in which players can’t eat you. Skins should cost less. VIP pack ahould cost less. (850 rupees for a week is too much) There should be a little bit more zoom out.

Great time playing it. I only faced one problem and that is hacking. If the developers cannot stop macro so add it for everyone. The fast feed added is really slow than the hack. This is making me lose everytime. There creators use hacks and they don’t even warn them. Really poor experience yet the game is great.

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There should be a anti-team and anti- cheat system. Seperate game modes for solo players and players that like to team up. There should be more servers to reduce lack. There should be less emphasis on “Pay to Win”. More free skins should be included and everyone should have a chance to make atleast one custom skin without using any DNA. Shame this game could have lived a lot longer if Developers weren’t money hungry and actually cared about their game.

I would have given 4 stars, but this game has some problems(at least for me). When I open a potion or collect one, then sometimes it doesn’t give any rewards and the screen remains white, and when I create my own skin, it takes my DNA and doesn’t save the skin. If you fix this then I might just increase my rating.

When I downloaded this game it was working perfectly but after I played it for 6 times after that it stopped working. It woul always say that agario has stopped and I tried it a million times but it said the same thing. This game is the worst ons ever.

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After updating I started facing these issues. 1- it takes more than one min to connect and sometimes it won’t connect at all so I’ll have to exit / enter the game again. 2- keeps crashing every 10 mins and once I enter the game again region changes and I wont be able to switch back to the region I was on… 3- when Im in a party burst mode won’t let me in and it keeps connecting for like.. forever!!! Idk how am I even supposed to join and play with my friends. Please fix it asappppppp

Agario is a pretty fun game, But when the update of Burst mode came out, The whole party system and servers bugged out. Now, I can only join 1 server out of the possible 3, and whenever I join a party, I’m never in the same server than my friends who don’t have the update. Another thing is that the Update barely shows up for anyone else. Please fix this immediately, as I can no longer play with my friends or in any other server.

This game is cool and everything but it’s this new whole update . ever since this new update had came out it been annoying it doesn’t let you change East-1 to west-2 also for you to play you have to wait around 5 minutes and it would say “connecting” it usually takes around 1s but now it turned it to 5 mins since the new update came out everything in been lagging

This is Good Game But! When new Update Comes! New Mod! (Burst) When I play start its tell Joining area I wait 10 -20mins Still tells all ways Joining area!! Please Fix this bad Bug!!- 3 stars! For this game 😊 please Fix this bug πŸ™‚ Have NICE Day!!

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I loved this game for so long but with the update it takes so much more longer to load. That’s not my wifi it works great. My second issue is I can’t switch regions. I try to and I just am always in the same one. Please fix this.

I’m giving this game a 3 star don’t get me wrong your game is good but u guys have ads everytime I die and there just the same ads over and over and over again agario fix the stupid ads and 2 there’s too many people in 1 server this game is cool and all but it’s just anoying

Burst button doesn’t work on my app. It’s just like the classic button πŸ™ fix fast pls. Plus can yall make a a private server mode where u and ur friends can play without teaming. That would be fun.

Hello this game isn’t working for me I created a skin for me when I just use that skin the game left on its own……and I try to install it again it opens but stays in loading page and also it doesn’t let me change region please help me with it and fix my problem I miss playin this game

It is a good game but there is so much lag the overall game is good but some players team which is OKAY but is really annoying and could be allowed but i see it so often now that all it is is teaming now.

agar io mod apk latest version

It is a fun game but I lost my account I couldn’t login anymore. I had rare skins and tons of dna and coins πŸ˜ͺ. I now made new account but when the game updated I can no more play any arena

Too many ads if not signed in with Facebook and there is a lot of pop up asking you to buy stuff.But otherwise Great game.Good game but please don’t give add in game because my device is low so please solve this problem When add come my device is very much lag.

Can you guys please fix my long press macro… it won’t speed feed…i don’t know why i thought you guys would fix this when you update it… Please fix this for mee!! THANKS U GUYS FOR FIXING IT! ❀

It’s painful to play, it’s very laggy, and it should have been as so you can join games with people of your same level. The amount of characters that are available in this on the nickname is too much, a lot of toxicity is happening, with genuine real life threats too. Old Agario was much better to be honest. And also it would be nice if it had offline mode too, with quests and challenges Request: Make the game more difficult. So players who JUST joined the game, won’t be killed by everything

Cool game, but the reason why I voted 3 stars is because most players abuse the cloning exploit. First they give the big agar to the small players, then they tap the cloning button to eat them. I would literally recommend adding that cloning button a 1 and a half min cooldown to decrease the time the big players using that exploit. Also if you wanna duplicate to many or one but after the update, it doesn’t work anymore, I also want you to add a option to duplicate, and depends how you are big. mod apk unlimited mass

Hello Devs this game is fun and struggle to survive and be big asap but the joystick is my problem. Why not just put the joystick in the left bottom corner and be still and there and can move in any direction. Because it annoys me whenevr I move, stop or even escaping bigger ones. Please fix the joystick so everyone can leave this problem and I see this reviews in your game. Please fix the joystick.

This game is fine overall. Some issues I have are with teamers, quests, and the rush mode. When I first got into the game, there were teamers everywhere. They’re really arrogant, aiming to be in 1st place, hoarding all the food, and giving no chance to actually have a good game at all. Second off, with the quests, a lot of them require me to play in rush mode, where most of the time I can’t even play because there are not enough players. Please add more classic mode quests, thank you.

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I think this quite a good game. It’s smooth with barely any ads. Now I don’t know if the ‘players’ are bots or real people, but I gave it three starts because when I played I didn’t even get the chance to survive three seconds sometimes, I would spawn in tiny with other players that are huge and they’ll split and eat me as soon as I’m there. So maybe make a couple changes to that please creater. But overall I think it’s a good game πŸ‘

I used to play this game so much😒😒😒. AND the fact that I never came back to it is sad good graphics. GOOD GAMEPLAY Download it now because it’s the best old game that you’ll find it’s great and amazing (and nostalgic) it’s just like another old game. Slither.i.o another old game comparing to this one it’s AMAZING how I came back to this game. Thanks for making it go.

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What's new

* Fixed custom skins issue from VIP subscription
* Introducing Christmas Adventure, arriving 13 December 2021
- Collect mistletoe tokens in any arena and in potions to unlock rewards galore
- Buy the Golden Road to take Christmas Adventure to the next level for super exclusive rewards and a new emoji
* Presenting Emojis - NOW available in any arena
* Get a FREE potion every day by watching a video
* Open potions faster by watching a video




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