Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk : Zero Hour Download 2022 ( Unlimited Money + OBB Data Offline)


An action FPS game with a chapter to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. In the wake of nuclear warfare, the only chance to avoid global devastation is in the hands of the few elite soldiers who must track down and rescue the world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terrorist group.
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4.3/5 Votes: 240,340
Gameloft SE
September 17, 2018
2.3 and up
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Modern Combat 4 Mod Apk : Zero Hour Download 2022 ( Unlimited Money + OBB Data Offline)

I am going to give only one star bcoz the game has to take 1.18 GB to fully download but now 1.62 GB is downloaded and it is only 83% completed. My phone is running out of storage. I have purchased this game for 700 rs in my country and thats quite expensive. Now tell me what do I do.

Used to be one of the greatest fps shooter games now is a broken mess. Lost all my Facebook data that had 5 years of gameplay put into, signed in with my Google games account and whenever I join a game and the loadout screen shows up it crashes the game and suddenly logs me out. Campaign and story is a masterpiece but overshadowed by multi-player faults. Broken game mechanics, hard grinding aspect, compakt has been the meta for 6 years and there’s almost nothing redeeming anymore. Upsetting.

Pretty bummed out. I purchased your game about a year and a half ago. It has been sitting on my device ever since along with a backlog of other games I want to play, but as of today I come to find out that it no longer works. Upon opening it flashes black and white with a loading icon in the middle of the screen. Very disappointed and waste of money. Android 11.

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Like others, lost all my data. Had a ton of things unlocked and was very high rank. I think it has to do with the switch from Google Plus to Google Play Games? Not sure. Disappointing. Can’t queue into any matches at rank 1 so the game is dead for me. Best mobile FPS I’ve played. Better than MC5

Dope campaign, I don’t like modern combat 5 so much compared to the way this one works. I’d rather pay $10 for a full game than have that daily energy stuff

This Modern Combat 4 game is by far the best of all MC games. It is comparable to Call of Duty as far as graphics, story, missions, etc Another contender is War Robots. That game is absolutely amazing for mobile. It doesn’t take long to get decent at it and start wasting the 12 year old- 23 hours-a-day Gamers. You know who you are. You spend hour after hour gaming FPS or war robots to the point you bash everyone with only wins Go outside and hike or something!! I’ll beat you one day.

Blown away by this game! Soooo much better than mc5. $7 well spent. Best hidden gem in playstore. Can play multiplayer on data connection by turning on your WiFi in settings. Works like a charm even without actually being connected to WiFi. Best fps out there. Trust me….I’ve played them all. My only complaint is that a fire button needs to be added to left side of screen. Edit… Can no longer log in with Facebook. Lost all my stuff. Had everything unlocked. Please fix it

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Another stunning fps from gameloft. Compared to MC3 it’s more of an action shooter than a real world one (if that makes sense) , also seems to have a few minor bugs, still a 5 star game nonetheless. I just wish they kept making offline —no in app purchases— ones like these, but obviously there not as profitable , but still would be nice if they did !

I love the best fun of all the games I have ever played, but, with this game such beautiful graphical reality feel to it you feel like you are there in the combat fulfilling you are the soldier of God and your life is in His heart, hands and arms of sheltering His own from all harm. Thank you Gameloft development team for your craftsmanship and the attention to detail is much appreciated.

I purchased the game and installed it on my Samsung M11 phone. Then I bought new tab Samsung s6 lite. instead of phone . and download the game from same account. BUT UNFORTUNATELY it NEVER WORKED. every time it started it STOPPED and the screen keeps on flickering white until it almost burned it flickers very fast white flash over and over….I’m very sad plz help me

Challenging and graphics is excellent even just playing for couple minutes,will explore more to play it. Worths to purchase it.

This is by far one of the best and closest games to call of duty🎮 which is really awesome. Buying this game was really cool. I dont know if you support this game or not but if you do I would really love an update to the game such as zombies or a mode with offline bots multiplayer. Thank you for this wonderful game.😀

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Stunning game to have ever existed on a mobile! I strongly recommend it to anyone. It’s worth every penny. Why can’t Gameloft produce more game like this we had so many games like this instead gacha garbage they are up to now. Well game works superb atleast for now but I am worried cause Gameloft have taken down more great games to be replaced by garbage like nova legecy was given place of nova 3, my biggest regret is not being able to play original.I hope they will switch back to their previous method for producing that is console on mobile instead of mobile on mobile with a mask of console graphics

The game itself is a great game and probably has the best single player campaign of just about any game on the playstore. However, this game absolutely deserves full gamepad compatibility. When I saw it was up for update I was convinced it was going to get the treatment it deserves. I know Gameloft either won’t read this or don’t care, but, it is extremely disappointing and frustrating that they refuse to take on board many others’ complaints. A real disservice to an otherwise excellent game.

The game used to be great but in 2019 with all the competition it falls flat. Controls are a bit too tight, on a big screen device, enemies are difficult to spot and overall it isn’t as much fun. The story is classic 2014 repertoire bad guy tries to take over the world, and you must protect USA and it’s president. There are some futuristic elements added as well so that’s good. There are not many ads and stuff making the whole experience a bit better.

How to Download and Install modern combat 4 on Android/Emualtor

There are just no words to describe this game… the graphics are soooooooo good!!! At first I was skeptical about purchasing this game, but I don’t regret it! This game has better graphics than any other free fps games in android. Another thing I like about it is that you can play offline in campaign mode. I love this game!!**Edit**Now that I have been playing a lot, I have noticed that people who play this game are NOT BOTS! They are actually good people and I actually get killed.

I love this game I’ve been a fan of the modem combat series for years I’ve played all of them but in Australia or anywhere the multiplayer isn’t working I can’t make a account on Gameloft or login to google play the Same thing is happening in mc3 please fix this

For all of you having “Unfortunately the game has stopped!” issues, it’s very likely that you have installed the none official apk somewhere else on the internet in hope to play the game for free. Please don’t give a negative review because of that… The fix is simple too, navigate to your data folder for MC4, and delete the patch note for the game. (If you don’t know how to do that, welp you should never have played with stuff you don’t know in the first place) And thats it. It will work!

Best Game Ever. Hands down most realistic and action packed gameplay I have ever seen, sounds dramatic but I am serious. Was so happy to see Gameloft made an update and again the multiplayer is on! I miss the good ol days when you get connected into a match and it’s full of people. Thank you Gameloft. This is what we want. Not Pay To win content.

Okay so one can finish campaign within days and after that there’s nothing to do because if you are a new player and chose to play multiplayer then you will be faced with level 50 players when you’re just level 2 and needless to say that level 50 players will hunt you down with ease. The only way to play in multiplayer is by purchasing coins even after once you’ve purchased the game with money!! This game is the biggest money grab that I’ve ever seen.

I bought this game years ago and I remember really enjoying it. I feel like the last time I played it would have been pre meltdown and I have to say I think I enjoyed the original better. I don’t remember it being so easy, or taking so little time to finish the campaign. It’s still a decent short story, good for killing a few hours. Shame that they could do this meltdown update and not add gamepad control.

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This is possibly the best fps available on mobile. The campaign missions are amazing, the graphics are good for mobile and it isn’t as P2W as mc5 in multiplayer. Overall I think more people should switch from mc5 back to mc4. The only reason I am giving 3 stars instead of 5 is because of the massive hacker and cheater infestation currently present in multiplayer. Almost every single match as some unbeatable superfast player who can oneshot you from across the map or through a wall. Please fix.

First of all, this is the game that you guys should have if you guys a huge fans of fps combat game. This game is remind me back to Call of Duty : Black Ops and etc. The gameplay of this game similar with CoD. But the price for this game i suppose it should reduce a bit more as it’s not worth for the short missions that available in this game. Just 12 missions only. I simply can finish this game just about 3 or 4 hours.

Oh my God I can’t believe it’s back yes! Honestly I think Modern Combat 4 is better than Modern Combat 5 it’s feels smoother!!! FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE who can’t play because of a Wi-Fi connection this is what you do you don’t need Xposed installer what to root your phone when you come to the prompt in the game that says Wi-Fi connection required press your home button don’t close the game just press the home button and turn on Wi-Fi and go back to the game and it will start loading I promise!!!! You don’t need Xposed installer fake Wi-Fi or any of that simply go to the home screen once you come to the prompt that says Wi-Fi required turn on Wi-Fi and go back to the game just make sure you don’t close the game. It works!!! I HOPE I HELPED YOU IF YOU COULDN’T PLAY BECAUSE OF LACK OF WI-FI I FOUND THIS TIP ON YOUTUBE IT WORKS HAPPY GAMING

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