The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk Downlaod 2022 (Unlimited Money + Points + Free Shopping)


Hail to the Captain!
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February 7, 2022
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The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk Downlaod 2022 (Unlimited Money + Points + Free Shopping)

Introduction of The Pirate Caribbean Hunt Mod Apk

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Best looking, most fun game by a large margin on phone. I even play this on PC at times just because it even looks good on a big screen. In game purchases are completely optional and also yet interesting and reasonably priced but you can definitely do anything and everything in this game without spending a penny. If you like colonial history, naval history, sailing or pirates don’t miss out.

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The game is fantastic but I just wish there was a function to board a ship but not kill the whole crew and leave a empty ship, for example let’s say I need oil from the whalers in open sea, When I find one I don’t wanna kill the whole crew and take the oil then leave a empty abandoned ship I wish I could just have a pirate reputation so merchants would fear me and surrender and let me boarf there ship without having to kill them all

In a world of pay to play games, this exquisite masterpiece stands out. If you like pirates and sea battles and empire building, you will absolutely LOVE this game. I eventually spent a couple of bucks on a ship just for fun, but it was totally not necessary to play the game. And what a game it is.

Best pirate game I will ever play. It could be more realistic with treasure fleets that you can plunder, the start up menu be a customizable captain’s cabin, It would be better if you could make designing your own ships available to the public. Oh can you fix the cabin on the ships? They don’t blend in with the rest of the ship. Please add the nautilus and make it purchasable with game money. Also can you make the destruction physics real. Anyway the game is my recommendation to everyone.

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Game is fun at first but over time it’s just impossible to make enough money the inflation rate in the game is ridiculous Cruz get overpaid products become so ridiculously expensive that you can only afford one you really need to fix this the inflation rate is too high to the point where you can’t even make enough money to afford anything

Love the game but not the money you have to spend to be successful and once you are successful…you cant continue…the game plays totally againast you ….no way to keep being successful. Will not reinstall.

The graphic are better but gameplay is worse than plauge of the dead also need to bring back nautilis it was op.

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Best pirate sandbox game ever. Buy the galley and it will be the only purchase you need make. It has superior speed and maneuverability over all other ships. Don’t get the top three captain skills because once you do your enemies will also aquire the skill and use them against you. So no gunpowder or fire to worry about as long as you never aquire them. Get all the rest. You can build war gallions to complete the harder missions. Set on evade, engage fort, then set to attack. Enjoy!

Great way to kill some time. The only reason I gave it four stars is because I feel like it lacks something. I feel the game should offer the option to establish “trade routes”, wherein your ships can automatically sail, purchase and sell goods at the various ports – instead of having to do all of it manually, as is the current option.

I wish the portside bow chaser on brigantines was not glitching through the bulkhead of the bow, easy fix. I really like the brigantine ships but I don’t use them due to this eyesore because it ruins the vibe for me seeing a cannon clipping through the side of the bow structure. The AI is still running into beaches and other silly misadventures. I was running from 2 1st rates in my 3gun sloop and they for some reason they hit a sand bar which was the only thing around to get stuck on! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Best game on moble love the realism of the game. It is also super fun. They could make it so you could trade with friendly ships. They could also could let you do other things then just be a pirate. But it’s a really good game.

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Awesome game, greatly recommend if you like adventure and challenges. It also has historical information on most if not all premium ships. Another great Advantage is you can save your game then delete app and reinstall it and get back all your progress.

Awesome game… Maybe y’all could or can Add more selectable options for the open world voices. 1. (Land Ho) 2. (Treasure Island) 3. (Enemy Ship on Horizon)- via “Brig 18 gunner or Man-o-War 62 gunner”etc… 4.(Merchant on the horizon, and/or Slave ship on the horizon) 5. (Skwall-“storm” on the horizon) 6. (Hurricane a com’n) Would be awesome if y’all could or can implement them on the open map sailing. And maybe a tab that’s gives a bit of details of the ships on the horizon that shows up.

The first game that I ever spent money on. In the first of the series I came up without paying, with the new versions I started with purchasing a giant dominating ship. While this game has tactically challenging battles only if you moderate what vessel(s) you attack with, it is an immersive, fun, sandbox pirate game.

This is a great game, the story line is fun and interesting, after the storyline and even during it you essentially get a sand box sailing game to do whatever you want in. Playing out pirate fantasies or working with one of the nations. As in game years progress you unlock more nations to ally with or make enemies of. There’s a multi player that’s fun to dable in after the story as well in addition to base building and the aforementioned open world aspects.

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It’s probably one of the best pirate games ever. One of the treasure Island it’s like it’s own little mini game which is cool and I didn’t find any secret harbors harbors and blueprints it’s really interesting way to do it but when it comes to the towns add more products you can sell in the town like if you get the merchant building like Auto sell products that would be cool if you steal stuff but then you have the merchants sell your stolen goods automatically. Good game keep it up.

Epic game… just epic, great story, fun to play, surprisingly historically accurate when it comes to the ships. I love that it’s not one of those games that it makes you use Google play games on. Just wish there was more after the storyline and side missions are over…

I have a suggestion, that if you can make it where we can sail 10-15 ships and give the AI’s and balance order to follow so the don’t crash and can you bring down the chances of getting caught by military’s portal I would even sink the ones that pop on the map in case there the cause but they pop up to often even with out them and do you think we can get some new ships maybe? like 3 or 4 new ones if possible bc i really like this game and ya defiantly got me addicted to it so plz and thx


Love this game. Can play off line or online. Not a pay to win game. Has given me hours on hours of fun. Well done guys. Would not change anything.

I LOVE IT just all you need to do is have us actually bord fight as the captain or the crew and the ships especially military ships should be cheeper like I spent $1100 on a schooner a military schooner also ships should be faster so I give it a 4 star also you should like were you are in the map you should see your ship were it is and actually like sail to a sea or a land and on the way this should pop up like pirates sea battle Or mercant want to attack? I would rather play Tempest

I’ve enjoyed this game for a couple of years now and loved it. I had an issue come up with a purchase I made and I sent a message to the development studio and they fixed it without issue. I think that speaks for itself.

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What's new

Version 10.0 changelog:
- New networking engine.
- New multiplayer mode: Port Plundering.
- Multiplayer: removed "clan only" sessions.
- Bug fixes and improvements.



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