Stick Warfare Blood Strike Mod APK 2022 Download (Unlimited Money + Free Purchases)


Join the hot and fast-paced Stick Warfare Blood Strike Mod APK Figure's gunfight!
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Team Modernator Games
March 22, 2022
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Stick Warfare Blood Strike Mod APK 2022 Download (Unlimited Money + Free Purchases)

Its a nice game indeed. However, it lacks a feature that is quite crucial to the game. Melee is the missing feature in which can make the game more fun and interesting. With melee weapons or something, after each melee hit, there should a 50% chance of stagger to the enemy. It is genrally a good game and I hope to see how it progresses through the future. The melee system will be great against zombies especially!

Monetized to the extent that EA looks generous. In-game currency rewards are miniscule. 1/2 of all guns, upgrades, attachments, and outfits are locked behind a premium currency that can only be bought with real-world currency. First stages of game is a massive grind with low cash rewards and high prices for new equipment. Recent updates give more content locked behind a paywall. A tutorial was added about basic mechanics but is unecessary because the game communicates how to play well enough.

The game is good, but why i can’t open the game after i accidentally left my phone overnight? The game always stays in the loading screen and it won’t do anything even if i left it for sometime. Can you try to fix it? If you can, do it fast, i don’t have the patince to wait.

Really Great game, Real fun. Do wish there were some kind of story mode and not just Game Modes, But I understand that’s hard to do so I won’t ask too much about it. I can’t wait for the New Updates in The Future. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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In my opinion the best game ever played on stickman genre . Ads are there but not forced , even if we plan to watch the ads they give us the gold coins . Updates are constant like codm , soo many content and has soo many modes like siege and breach and the best part multiplayer. This game is way too good for an stickman genre

Keeps on persisting on saying “If this load takes too long, try restarting the game, or update Google play games to the latest version.” But that’s the dumb thing, I’ve restarted so many times and google play game in up to date, please fix your game.

This game is amazing. The blood and gore and basically the whole game is so amazingly designed well. Plus, there isn’t even that much ads! I love this game, I honestly hope you work on this game even more.

Not sure if its a bug from a hot fix or if its just me having the issue. Whenever I pick up ammo crates or cases from supply drops it will only fill my weapon to the capacity shown in the weapon information screen (same screen to equip the weapon). I noticed the new game mode VIP Escort so I thought it may have been part of the update. But upon opening the app in the play store the last feature noticed was “added new game mode: pursuit” which leads me to believe this is a bug. Please fix

Its been so long… Gg to your game it got so many 5 rates 😁😃. Can you add infinite mode(difficulty) because sometimes players want to grind so i recommend you or all of yall(since you guys are team) To add it also can you add a new mode like you are in the helicopter or Humvee shooting the enemys from the ground/sky i would appreciate it!😃😃😃

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Cant even get past loading screen when I downloaded it today. I remember playing it before and giving a full 5 stars and I’m giving 2 and not 1 star just because of the great time I had playing this before, but I think the devs must’ve messed up some update.

Strangely, its fun and I love the fact that there’s so many weopons, plus costomising. There’s also atleast descent amount of attachments.

Multiplayer is very very laggy when you are a professional and start getting good and get good stuff like instantly from 29 ping to 234+ ping like please make multiplayer servers less laggy then I will give you 5 stars

I had a really big problem. I mean i HAVE! My connection is good, my game is fully updated, what is missing!? The game does not load! If you make this problem solved i will give 5 stars!

An excellent game although you have to spend a lot of time watching ads for gold or you buy it to get good guns

Its very fun theres a lot more than what meets the eye but REALLY,REALLY, NEEDS OPTIMIZATION other than that its very fun and engaging game

Very fun. I like how you can crouch to hide in crates, and the weapons are unique. I spent so much time to play this game and it’s fun.

I came back to this game after about a year or so since the whole Google Play Games thing had basically soft-locked me out of the game via the endless loading process and decided to try something that actually seems to have, at least for now, fixed that issue. What I had done was basically go into my phone’s settings for Google Play and set this specific game/app to ask if you want to sign in or not/choose which account to sign into instead of automatically signing you in.

for some reason, after i updated my phone, the game started to crash a lot. i don’t know why, but other than that, good game.

stick warfare blood strike hACK apk mod menu

This the real shotting game You can pick enemy guns shoot them a target like boom babby but you need to develop game like adding knife Knife is use for head shot direct kill and bow arrow and swords ninja blades nunchucks if you add this game will get more interesting 🤔

the ammo stacking limit is really gonna make it harder to survive waves of enemies. i’ve done it ever since the game came out, and without it i would have died much earlier because of how much ammo i consume in between pickups. some weapons have dramatically different ammo conservation/damage output that are now worse because of this change

Best game ever but the only problem is That when I tap on a game mode it kick me out of the app can you fix it please.

I love this game so much!!! But when I tried to play it again it can’t load in, it keeps loading and I waited for so long but it still won’t load in, I checked my Google play games and it didn’t have any updates, restarted the games multiple times already and it still won’t load in, pls fix this issue, I know you guys are busy, so take your time, thank you Dev for making this awesome games

I love this games but pls put like entering and driving vehicles and why are all the emotes in gold at least leave two of the emotes gold and the others cash and one more thing pls put the missions to earn gold and cash easy level should earn 5 gold and the other difficulties by adding 1 like easy 5,normal 6,hard 7, extreme 8, nightmare 9 and ultra nightmare 10 please do this for me pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!

I know this game is awesome and fun, when I start playing. One of my ideal games. But I rate it 3 star because: 1. Idk what just happened, but I can’t play anymore even if it’s offline(I think it’s a bug). 2. I think the game will be boring as soon as the skills, equipments, and characters are all max out, make it unboring like an infinite loop of excitement. 3. Problems connecting account on google play games,can’t mp. Screen is frozen and nothing happens. Pls fix it. Overall,this game is good.

I love the latest update of the game and the fan made perk shield 🛡 actually came true i am so happy about it but pls add a weapon sorter system its just a bit hard to find the correct weapons for the correct perk for the extra exp but overall still an awesome game!!

Dude, this is… ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! The last few days I’ve been having this as the only mobile game I play. I really love this game, but there’s just 3 things that I want you guys to add (Please reply). 1. Please add some more modes if you can think of some. 2. Some more mechanics. Like maybe climbing up ladders or sliding or even wall running. 3. Ahhh, the finale. ADDING A 3D MODE. YOU HEARD ME. A 3D MODE. If you can do that then you are absolutely a god. This is fun as hell.

It was good, No a Great game WITHOUT The Nerfs, PLEASE DON’T START NERFING THINGS! Rather than that, please come up with a perk that allows you to use only handguns, and it will allow you to be able to dual wield them, other than that… Please Fix the Nerfs, and I will give you back a 5 star review, thank you. 🥺

I actually really enjoy the simplicity of the play style, but the complexity of equipping yourself correctly. I do have to take like a week break sometimes, but I always find myself coming back to this game. Have been playing since version 2 updates. Also awesome to see the developer engage with their community, be it through Twitter or YouTube. Also nice to see something new on a very regular basis. If you are reading this Modernator, keep up the good work.👍

Ok first off, this is the best stick man game I ever played. Most of them dont even work. But this one does. I also have a tip for new players. Use technician. It’s a pretty op class and you can just sit behind the turret. Also grind and stay as long as you can on train assault. I don’t know why people are hating on this game though. It’s most likely your internet like on the totourial, I could not kill the guy but after resetting my internet, it was fine. Last thing, STOP HATING ON THIS GAME.

It’s excellent 😀😌 I love this game although one of the levels, the one that has the army base and you have to get the files, loads of army troops just keep on comin and coming, it’s really annoying 😡😢. That’s the only problem

This game is awesome I love it so much! It is such a great game i love how you can get guns, get cosmetics, and just about any other feature. And here is some suggestions maybe you should add more cosmetics, and maybe guns like starwars or something!

Rly fun when I’m kinda bored and not on my PC or if I’m on the bus and I love how they dont shove ads down ur throat unless u want free gold. Edit: I recently figured out I had updates for the game and I’m loving the nightmare mode but I kinda wish zombies front line would still give alot of xp like normal modes I used to use zombies to grind xp and money Update I bought the spec ops pack and it didn’t give it to me can i get a fix

I love this game I play with my cousin and friend’s ummm please fix a problem why after I play a multiplayer it’s so laggy I can’t shoot and kill and move and please fix the problem

Ok. Here’s a point: on this update, and when you got the new perk the (shield) perk, and when i tested in (gun game mode) IT LITTERILLY GOT OTHER GUNS (not hand guns however) ON ONE HAND, WHILE I’M HOLDING MY FREAKING SHEILD!! HELL, YOU DIDN’T EVEN PUT THE REST OF THE (rifles, smgs, lmgs, grinade launchers, rocket lanchers, and other more guns) ON IT!! ALL YOU GIVE ME IS HAND GUNS!! CAN YOU PLEASE UPDATE ANOTHER ONE OF THESE?!

One of the most enjoyable games on all of marketplace! I’ve gotten hours of entertainment out it, and there’s none of those random ads that pop up every 30 seconds – with the exception to some cosmetic packages, mostly everything can be unlocked through grinding. Multiplayer is an amazing feature and I can’t wait to see how this game develops future down the road!

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What's new

- Fixed damage reduction glitch with Shield perk while moving
- Fixed "Emotes - Squat Dance" didn't work
- Fixed some heavy weapons not eject casings
- Fixed weapon disappearing issue in certain conditions
- And fixed various other glitches




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