World War Polygon Mod Apk Download 2022 (Unlimited Money + Free Weapons )


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November 18, 2021
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World War Polygon Mod Apk Download 2022 (Unlimited Money + Free Weapons )

What is World War Polygon Mod Apk

 it seems like an accurately portrayed, fun to play FPS game, but after the tutorial and the Omaha Beach landing, the game gets stuck on the loading screen right before the Drill Sergeant shows you that you can claim crates. I’ve tried exiting the app and restarting it, to no avail. This seems like a very fun game and I’d love to play it more, but please fix this issue. I played it on a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, if it helps.

It’s a very fun game, the topic is good, it always can’t getting boreding, many guns, many enemy’s, sad moments, funny moments, strange moments, but It is fun in every way. I recommend you if you want a FPS and a game with lots of story, even if it didn’t happen it’s still fun. Also the ads arent annoying, they are at least 10 seconds, also gives you a little break from the action, 10/10.

Great game! My download has bugs…. The game itself is incredible. Unfortunately I can not switch between screens on the items page. If I go to the weapons screen I have to restart as the game will not let me return to the previous screen. Also when zoomed in sometimes the sniper rifles won’t fire which is frustrating.

Features of world war polygon hack apk all weapons unlocked

I remember playing this game a while ago, I redownloaded it again but, I wanted to start on a new page, restart the story. I couldn’t find a way to delete my last save, please add a load and delete save system to the game. When that time comes, I will love to play this game again.

Really fun to play. Simple controls, nice graphics, but there is basically no story. I don’t care about story. It’s like call of duty WAW campaign, but mobile. Although COD WAW doesn’t have M1 Garand ping. Would recommend.

I’ve always loved this game, not much but maybe more weapons and bring back the multiplayer option, as I cant find it or nothing. It’s a little laggy but that’s all.

This is a great game However i gave it 4 stars because i want an option for scoping using a button on screen rather than double tapping, we should be able to choose between them And also it would be cool if you could give us an option to make the scope button “hold to scope” instead of toggling

This game could be a lot of fun BUT it’s not. Way too many ads! The missions are very short and too easy. The PvP is unfair since you might have basic weapons while others have paid for the best so you stand no chance. Won’t spend a dime! Boo!

Missions are too short and easy, loaded with too many advertisements for 30s of gameplay, and doesn’t really have a need to REQUIRE an internet connection. You could just make it campaign-only if you’re going offline.

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 the training part I was looking forward to the Normandy landings level but the game requires freaking internet to play just please so something about it in the start of level 2 d day the game just paused and my phone told me that it’s not working and just stop please do something at least about it

Very good game, there is one detail that you should add though. There should be a continue button for the story mode

this is a very good game for mobile it doesnt lag (at least for me) and is pretty damn fun but the reason i gave it 3 stars and not 5 is because i wish there was controller support it seem like it when i tried to use one but its didnt work

world war polygon hack apk unlimited health

Good game although there are a little to many ads like to start a mission you have to watch an ad but good game over all

Great game just as good as walking zombie and walking zombie 2. Great games guys outstanding job keep up the good work 👏👏👌 you guys should make a survival game like Minecraft but with the graphics of WWpolygon. Just a suggestion 🙂

This game is awsome and dang near historically spot on. The controls are easy and smooth but I wish there was alot more to the story line plot, by which I mean like roles the British SAS or even better a Pacifi lc Theater campaign added on the next update. This game has so much potential, heck I’ve beaten it and playin it again ❤❤❤

Really good game, thought at best it would be a cheap call of duty knock off, but so far it has a full on story mode, with a good story. It reminds me of call of duty waw, and cod ww2. Controls are easy and I recommend this game to everyone.

world war polygon modded apk mod menu

I quite enjoy this game. I only gave it 4 stars because many of the bonus objectives are blank so I have no idea how to complete them. Very frustrating. Also the story campaign is far to short. Fix that and it will be 5 Star worthy.

Great game, solid graphics with auto settings with optimum recommended resolution. Tip: for new players leave autofire on and upgrade your m1 till you get legendary. Also zombies; circle the map hit reg is pretty bad for regular zeds but dogs will get you stay on the move and collect ammo often.

like the game very addicting it’s like a game it takes events of world war II but what I don’t like is that the missions are very short and you have to go through a lot of stuff like upgrading your gear and going through chests before you can start another mission like each mission is like 3 minutes 5 at most but it’s a fun game very nice I like the graphics

I think it’s a pretty good game personally, you should be able to adjust the controls, like the shoot button or aim button. But other than that it’s worth downloading🤘🏽

world war polygon modded apk

This is a WW2 FPS game that has a offline campaign and online multiplayer. It’s very good. Can be a little pay to win. But still serviceable as a FPS game on Mobile. Lot less storage space clutter compared to most mobile FPS games.

this s such a well made game! The graphics are amazing and just the physics are incredible. There is so much that can happen with this game and I’m excited for upcoming updates! Over all 10/10.

This game is really fun and action packed and a very fun game, but the only thing I would change is how many ads you get, but other than that I would recommend to everybody who likes action packed adventure games

Great experience fun and fascinating game it has all the experience of a big time movie and has a lot of upgrades to your weapons and has movie style story line in game adventure.

I reakky like this game its really fun and I love history.But I would love too be able too see the corpses of your team and enemies perminatley until your done with that mission but other than that its one of the best games ever.

Campaign is really good but the multiplayer needs work. Im really bad and I got put against the 22nd ranked out of 100. It’s not even fair


The campaign is very enjoyable and fun to play, but the multiplayer sucks! You could have just started the game and have horrible weapons, and you’ll get matched with or against people who are maxed out and really good at the game. Other than that, it’s a great game. The game is a wonderful game…i would just like to see more detail about the guns and what they are. Additionally the objectives, they say (x5) but i don’t even know what the objectives are to begin with, but over all its a very good game.

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What's new

New bigger update is her!

* More responsive UI
* High fps modes added, you can now utilize higher display refresh rate than 60hz
* Better aiming sensitivity
* Added option to get more items from crates
* Bugfixes and balancing




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